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Lara Croft Tomb Raider Minifigs

(posted 1/24/2008)

Boy, I should have made these minifigs a long time ago. Tomb Raider is one of those games that I don't necessarily love, but do like, so after receiving several e-mails asking about the possibility of Lara Croft minifigs, I decided to make some. I was also partially inspired by the new Indiana Jones sets, since as we all know, Lara Croft is just a more modern, female, sexy, and filthy stinking rich version of Indiana Jones. I'm just waiting for them to make a crossover game where either Lara goes back in time or Indy goes forward, and they meet each other. I'm thinking I'd rather see Lara go back in time (maybe with that silly time-turner from the first movie?) since then she could dual-wield revolvers. First she and Indy could be rivals, but then they could team up about halfway through the game and work together. Holy crap, that'd be awesome!

But enough nerd rambling. Actually, it's probably going to continue, but back on subject: Here's the classic Lara Croft outfit, along with my classic style LEGO pistols. Yeah, the Colt pistols would have been more fitting, but I didn't have another pair of them, nor did I have a pair in grey or silver. Besides, I still have some affection for my classic pistol design... This minifig is actually based on the slightly updated, more detailed version of Lara's outfit from Tomb Raider: Anniversary, a game I still haven't quite finished. To be honest, I was never a huge fan of the old Tomb Raider games, although we did rent them now and then and wander around in them a bit. But after a while they would begin to bore...

Tomb Raider: Legend changed all that quite a bit. Maybe it was the advanced graphics that made Lara Croft considerably more enjoyable to look at (I wish Anniversary had included the "next-gen content" that Legend did...), but it seemed much more compelling and entertaining. My only complaint about the game was probably the annoying buddies who were always chatting with you (token black guy hacker dude and annoying snotty English bookworm... my God, even the sidekicks in the movie were less silly).

Speaking of the movie... Yes, yes, I made an Angeline Jolie LEGO minifig. Yikes. And yes, I know a lot of people hated the movie, but personally I enjoyed the heck out of it. Was it stupid? Yeah, it was pretty stupid. Was it fun? Sure! I mean, if you went into it expecting to take it seriously, I don't know what was wrong with you in the first place. Note the painted pistols in this version, to match her H&K USP's in the film.

The second film (Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) wasn't bad either, so I based the diving outfit off the one from the beginning of it. Although I have to admit, the part where she punches the shark on the nose and then rides him back to the surface was one of the stupidest parts of any movie ever. Still, it was enjoyable. Oh, and you 300 fanboys: Lara Croft killed King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) long before the Persians ever did. Ha!

This was one suit that multiple people requested. I'm not sure why... although I guess it might be because it's one of the most revealing outfits she's ever worn. She wears this in Legend upon going to the party in Japan, and then she proceeds to climb over rooftops and other such adventure movie things. The question is, when she rips her dress up and puts on her gear... where was she carrying it? In that tiny pocketbook she starts out with? Wow.

Oh the other hand, Lara does occasionally see the need to wear clothes. Such as when she goes to Nepal in Legend and climbs on mountains that would otherwise freeze her to death. Sure, you can expect her coat to get ripped off at some point (which it does), but at least she tried, right?

Another cool outfit from Legend, this one an unlockable: the catsuit. Even though it covers her up almost completely, it was one of my favorite outfits. It's hard to beat tight, shiny black outfits. And the glasses help as well. If you look closely, her belt buckle when wearing the catsuit depicts a cat paw. Awesome.

Here's hoping for a sequel to Legend. BTW, you know what kind of outfits I'd like to see? Alternate time period outfits! Imagine a Wild West Gunslinger Lara complete with cowboy hat and revolvers (yes, I know she's British, but who cares?), Pirate Lara with muskets, and of course Knight Lara (in rather revealing chain mail, of course), with a sword if possible. Actually, that last one would have fit perfectly with the Legend storyline about Excalibur. Too bad they didn't do it. Drat! Any modders out there...? And while you're at it, how about a mod that makes Excalibur look classic and medieval instead of freakish and demonic?

The character minifigs shown on this page were made using custom decals (or "stickers" or "labels" if you prefer) that I designed myself.
If you would like to make your own minifigs, I now provide a printing service for my decals. Just click here:


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